Organic Birch Sap

Color: uncolored, light whitish-yellow or whitish-grey shades can be present

Odor: perceptible scent of birch tree, a slight flowery odor mixed with notes of sourness.

Taste: sweet, slight sourness, subtly astringent and fresh

Aftertaste: subtle astringent aftertaste with slight sweetness

Chemical composition (per 100 g of product)ic properties

Energy: 13,4 kJ / 3,2 kcal
Carbohydrates: 0,8 g (1 g)
of which sugars: 0,8 g (1 g)
Sulphites and Sulphur Dioxide: Ei

Physical/Chemical Qualities:

Brix: 0,5–1,5
pH: <5,1
Organic acids: 0,01–0,1%

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